The brand

OZAI N KU is the brand that perfectly combines elements that seem incompatible. It embraces all the people who love the designer’s look and encourages them to dare to stand out, by offering a vast range of easy going designer’s clothes, for every size, every budget and every occasion. The modern woman must be free to wear the garment that can express her true self, regardless of her age, her size (0-8) or even her social and financial background.

Our motto

“You don’t need to meet the norm”.



Our background

OZAI N KU is the latest venture of a family company, with a vast activity and a long history of sixty years in the fashion industry. The business is currently run by the fourth generation, which on its own proves the dedication and craftsmanship of both the owners and the faculty involved. Equally importantly, the long-lasting success of the business, indicates a satisfied and loyal clientele and suppliers, through all these years.

Our team

Dimitris and Sofi -partners in life and business- and their son, Lazaros, are the owners and managers of the company.

Dimitris is the trade and financial director. He has a science background, but quickly became proficient in the business world. He is known to be charismatic and has excellent people skills.

Sofi is a self-taught fashion designer and is leading a design team which encompasses experts with high qualifications and experience. She has studied history and philosophy, which has helped her understand the nature of people and their needs.

Lazaros is the export manager. He studied Strength Conditioning and Sports Coaching in the UK and has developed his leadership abilities to the maximum.

Konstantina is the top designer of the OZAI N KU collections. She obtained a fashion degree and her graduate piece became the cover of Votre Beauté magazine. She has also won the first prize in Print Design, at the HELEXPO FAIR.

Tina is our marketing consultant. She is a graduate of the University of Social Political Sciences. She’s owner of a fashion marketing agency and is also instructor at fashion marketing courses at the American College of Greece.

Our team

OZAI N KU maintains a team of design experts inhouse and external partners (designer, production manager, buyer, pattern maker, quality controller, sample maker, stylist) who have a creative
culture, genuine passion for designing and a clear vision of what the brand should be about. The focus is on the product and everything related to it throughout International Couture Houses. They have also a kin attention to detail and fully understand the client’s needs.
All the products are MADE IN GREECE.

The artist technique
Understand Anatomy
Stylize to Optimize
Move With Purpose
Differentiate Between Fabrics With Texture
The artist training
Pattern Making
Women’s Wear
Fashion Design Tools
CAD pattern Making
Fashion Product Development

What we do

OZAI N KU is running in Greece, as well as in European countries [Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Russia & SIS countries, Spain, Switzerland, UK] and in overseas countries Canada & USA.

Our vision

We want to be part of a world that will use globalization to empower the individuality of every nation and every person and not their assimilation. Technology, as a tool for communication and not isolation. Industrialization, as a means of meaningful activity and not as threat to the future of the planet and of people’s creativity. We want to be part of a world that values the smaller things. The small businesses, the family, the small communities. The one that pushes towards individual expression and creativity. That covers our need not only to belong, but to stand-out.